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Intellect Factory is an Enterprise Technology consulting organisation that actually puts the customers needs first. At Intellect Factory our technical and design decisions are made with the customer as a partner. Tools, processes and technologies are chosen and implemented in order to give the customer maximum benefit with minimum vendor tie in. We are truly an open organisation.

What we do

Intellect Factory has invested years working on large scale enterprise applications for the government and finance industries.

Our expertise include Solutions Architecture using J2EE, C++, CORBA, MQ Series and LDAP.

We can provide architectural reviews of your enterprise appications, advise you on process, architecture and implementation details for new enterprise applications and provide practical design and development expertise.

Available Now

Version 1.0 of our LDAP Browser. Download Now

We will provide you will source code, documentation and a fully built, ready to run client. Enjoy!

PS If you want any new features adding, bugs fixed, or even want to contribute code, just ask us at request@intellectfactory.com

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You are invited to talk to us without obligation.

Contact us at info@intellectfactory.com

We will contact you as soon as possible to answer your question.

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